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Kit RAD R1200GS (2017 in poi) & R1250GS (Unpainted)

  • Code: 1923UP
€ 1.950,00 + VAT
Models compatibility

The kit Rad  includes:

0 Box with video instructions + screws and supports
1 Tank cover (available in three colours, choose the colour in the configurator or in the menu)
2 Side panels
3 Radiator deflectors
4 Front side panels
5 Stainless steel side covers
6 Airbox snorkel
7 CNC milled aluminium air intake
8 Tip
9 Central cover

1. Tank cover
Cod. 1923_01LW (LIGHT WHITE)
Cod. 1923_01AB (AVUS BLACK)

The kit offers the tank cover in three colours. (choose the colour in the configurator or in the menu)
Compatible with R1200 GS LC (NO ADV) versions from 2013 to 2019 (choose the year of the bike).
ABS tank covers available in LIGHT WHITE or AVUS BLACK finish with graphics and clear coat. They give the bike a fantastic look and perfect ergonomics.
They are easy to install. These lightweight covers are supplied painted, complete with holes, screws, grommets, and everything needed for assembly.

2. Side panels
Cod. 1923_02

Pair of light weight ABS side panels in MATT BLACK and matt clear coat.
They are supplied with supports, rubbers and screws, they are mounted very quickly to the tank covers.

3. Radiator deflectors
Cod. 1923_03

Pair of deflectors in ABS painted MATT BLACK with matt clear coat.
They are supplied with rubbers and fasteners and are easy to connect to the tank covers. In addition to being designed to fix the cover to the frame, they help extract the hot air from the radiators and move it away from the pilot's legs.

4. Front side panels
Cod. 1923_04

Redesigns the entire front part of the bike, making it narrower and more streamlined. On the sides there is the position for the original logo of the R1200 GS which can be removed from your bike. Two die-cut stickers are supplied to attach the logos to the side panels. 

5. Stainless steel side covers
Cod. 1923_05

Pair of side covers in sandblasted and electropolished stainless steel. Visually very beautiful, they increase the air flow to the air intake.

6. Airbox snorkel
Cod. 1923_06

They replace the original air restrictors and increase mid-range power

7. CNC milled aluminium air intake
Cod. 1923_07

Completes the look of the front side panels, they are made from billet allluminium in Ergal and then anodized.
They are equipped with a laser-cut stainless steel mesh and bear the "Unit garage" logo on the side.

8. Tip
Cod. 1923_08
Made of ABS painted MATT BLACK with logo under clear coat.
Comes with support, it mounts very quickly to the side panels.

9. Central cover
Cod. 1923_09

Made of ABS painted MATT BLACK.
Mounts very quickly to the tank covers.

NB: The KIT RAD  is supplied complete with VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS, screws and accessories.

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