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Book Obiettivo Dakar

Book Obiettivo Dakar

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Obiettivo Dakar
There are sporting events whose impact goes beyond the strict competitive arena.
There are bigger events than the race itself, the match or the challenge.
There are events that are able stir great emotions in the viewer.

One of these events is certainly the Paris-Dakar and its protagonists, especially those who participated in the very first editions, those in Africa; are the actors who made the birth of the myth possible.
How many images we still have impressed in our eyes today, how many graphics are we still looking for with the same fascinated gaze.
The Dakar bikes were mythical, with their colors, their sponsors, their graphics.

A part of these stories, of these adventures, have been collected and told in "Obiettivo Dakar", a book that traces the roads of Sabine's race thanks to the stories of eight interpreters who have intensely experienced highs and lows. Among the protagonists of those moments and stories in the book also Fabio Marcaccini, of Unit Garage, able to keep the myth of the race alive with his stories and his work. From the Dakarian experience and in all subsequent rallies, some of Unit Garage’s ideas are born.

The book Obiettivo Dakar
Written by Gianluca Ferrini and Nicolò Bertaccini
Images by Gigi Soldano
Preface by Paolo Scalera

NB: Written in Italian.

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